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Become an agent developer

Learn to build your own autonomous agents and services.

Olas Academy

About the Program

DeFi and on-chain development continue to grow and innovate at an impressive rate. Off-chain… not so much. The solutions available are often overly-centralized, inflexible and siloed.

While on-chain services can provide decentralization, they remain limited. Smart contracts cannot perform the complex analysis and execution needed for more powerful services, forcing developers to choose between decentralization and performance… until now.

Olas is the answer to both of these dilemmas. Olas' open-source framework allows developers to build robust, decentralized, fault-tolerant off-chain applications–and secure them on-chain. This enables powerful new, unprecedented use cases, available to all via open-source code.

What you'll learn

  • How to run, build and deploy your own agents.

  • How to build your own Autonomous service for a chance to complete our Builder Track, with personalized, expert coaching from the creators of the framework.


Cohorts & their outputs...

Academy 1 - El Collectooorr

Academy 2 - Keeper Service

Academy 3 - Keeper Service II

Academy 4 - Autonomous service to forward RPC requests to specific endpoints 

Academy 5 - Automate

Academy 6 - Research agents


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