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Staker Expeditions: Coastal - Expanding the Horizon

Staker Expeditions continues to evolve, as we conclude the Alpine phase and proudly introduce the Coastal phase. This final phase of Staker Expeditions is designed to broaden participation and enhance rewards for our pioneering stakers. Staker Expeditions is Valory's program for bootstrapping Staking in the Olas ocean of services, with three daring phases, powered by autonomous agent technology.

Reflecting on Alpine's Achievements

The Alpine phase was marked by remarkable achievements: 73 stakers actively participated, generating 45,488 Mech requests. Each participant had the opportunity to receive a maximum of 6.5 OLAS tokens during the entire Alpine campaign, equating to a yield of 32.5% on their staked amount.

Introducing Coastal: Expanding the Horizon

The Coastal phase opens the doors wider, allowing up to 100 pioneers to join at any given time, doubling the staker participation cap from Alpine, and quadrupling the weekly rewards, from 0.5 to 2 OLAS per week.

Key Features of Coastal:

  • Increased Participation: From 50 to 100 pioneers, making it more inclusive.

  • Boosted Rewards: Reward increase to 2 OLAS per week per 20 OLAS staked, resulting in an APY of 521.4%.

  • Activity: Requirement for Mech calls adjusted to 40, to grow Olas Predict.

  • Punishment for Inactivity: Agent services that do not meet the activity requirements for more than 2 consecutive days will continue to be evicted from staking, resulting in no staking rewards for the eviction period.

Exploring the Coastal Phase Further

Coastal is open to 100 committed Operators and their Trader Agents. Each Operator must maintain 20 OLAS per agent on Gnosis Chain along with some xDAI. Qualifying operators - operators whose trader agents meet the activity requirements - have the opportunity to earn 2 OLAS per week for 20 OLAS staked, translating to an annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 521.4%. The process is open to all, but only up to 100 agents can actively stake at the same time.

Participation Guide: Becoming an OLAS Staker

For Newcomers: 

  1. Ensure you meet the system and resource requirements. Hold 20 OLAS on Gnosis Chain.*

  2. Run your agent as follows:

git clone
cd trader-quickstart
chmod +x && ./ --with-staking
  1. At this stage, you'll have staked your trader agent service NFT in the staking contract, deposited OLAS as both a bond and a security deposit, and activated an agent that trades for you on Omen prediction markets.**

Visit for more information on setting up your agent, including a GPT guide that will take you step by step through the process. 

For existing stakers:

  1. Simply update to the latest version of the quickstart and run the script.


After each liveness period, as long as your agent passes the liveness check, your service multisig should be entitled to the corresponding OLAS rewards. It’s important to emphasize that the rewards earned by a service are transferred to the service multisig upon unstaking.

Join the Coastal Expedition

As we embark on this new phase, your engagement will not only yield higher rewards but also contribute to the adoption and success of the Olas Ecosystem.

Start your Coastal staking journey and expand your horizons in the ​​#🎒–staker–expeditions channel on Discord:


*  OLAS can be acquired on Gnosis Chain using OLAS-WXDAI pool through the Balancer interface

** To achieve deployment status for a service NFT within Autonolas Registries on the Gnosis chain, the process includes the activation of agent registration by the service owner and the registration of an agent instance by the operator. During this process, the operator has to stake a slashable amount of tokens, referred to as the "bond," in alignment with the service's configuration.

Furthermore, to activate the agent's registration, the service owner is also required to provide a non-slashable security deposit amount of token. This deposit should be equivalent to the maximum bond set for agent registration.


This article is provided for general information only. It does not offer securities advice, recommendations, offer or invitation to subscribe for, purchase or redeem any OLAS tokens, and it does not guarantee any financial returns. When considering using OLAS, take into account the Disclaimer at:

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1. that you are of legal age and that you will comply with any laws applicable to you and not engage in any illegal activities;

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