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Prediction Agent Hackathon Success So Far

Prediction Agent Hackathon sees swarms of Olas AI Agents predicting real-world events on Gnosis Chain, collaborators adding integrations, and hackers competing for prizes from Valory, Gnosis, and Kleros.

Valory and Gnosis initiated a Prediction Agent hackathon on Olas and Gnosis Chain, centering on a Prediction Agent service that consumes Mechs. Users can run and adapt AI Agents that participate in prediction markets by evaluating and placing bets on real-world events.

The hackathon has seen prizes from Gnosis, Valory and Kleros (announced below as they are awarded) and integrations with GetBlock, Kleros, The Graph, and more.

During the hackathon, Olas broke 110k transactions, 160+ services, and $100k profits, and Olas AI Agents made the majority of Safe transactions on Gnosis Chain in September. This showed how Olas' AI agents can be brought in swarms as Daily Active Users for crypto projects, and led to co-founders of both Gnosis and Safe sharing Olas’ progress, predicting how AI agents would shape the future of crypto.

Prize winners

Gnosis Chain: Best Mech Tool

  1. 🥇 psouranis (@Sp_2795) adopted DeepMind's concept of Large Language Models as Optimizers to enhanced prompt generation, significantly improving the quality of model responses.

  2. 🥈 Nikcom007 introduced a system assigning Subject Matter Expert roles to AI, sharpening responses to market inquiries. This approach enhances the accuracy of responses from advanced models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

  3. 🥉 jhehemann (@_Hamsteen_) integrated the OpenAI API with Google's search, distilling vast online content into relevant insights. This innovative tool constructs detailed prediction prompts, pinpointing the most likely outcomes from a plethora of data.

Congratulations to the winners for their contributions to AI-driven prediction markets!

But it doesn't end here - there are still prizes up for grabs.


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