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Pearl: Stake an Agent. Earn Rewards.

Install. Stake (an Agent). Earn OLAS. That’s It.

Meet Pearl, an all-in-one application designed to streamline everyone's entry into the world of autonomous AI agents and earning OLAS through staking.

Olas enables everyone to own a share of AI, and Pearl enables everyone to participate, without the need for special skills, advanced hardware, or previous experience.

Pearl allows you to effortlessly run an agent and start accumulating OLAS through your agent’s contributions.

How It Works:

The process couldn’t be simpler. Install Pearl, stake your initial OLAS balance, and launch your agent. As your agent meets its performance targets, you can receive additional OLAS as staking rewards. It’s like magic.

Accessible. Strong. Transparent. Yours.

Pearl is designed to be… 

  • Accessible No prior expertise is required. If you can use a computer, you can start earning OLAS with Pearl. It’s designed to be as simple as possible.

  • Strong Your peace of mind is a priority. Pearl is designed with robust recovery options aimed at protecting your funds.

  • Transparent Pearl is completely open-source, allowing everyone to review its code for total transparency.

  • Yours By staking your own agent and participating in Olas agent economies, you are claiming your ownership of a share of AI.

How To Use Pearl 

Pearl is currently available for MacOS users, with plans to expand to other platforms based on user feedback and demand.

Join us at the autonomous edge today, where ownership of AI – specifically participation in the autonomous agent economy – is accessible to everyone.


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