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Olas Staker Expeditions

Valory's program for bootstrapping Service Staking in the Olas ocean of services, with three daring phases, powered by autonomous agent technology.

Olas Staker Expeditions

Valory is launching Staker Expeditions, a testing program to safely bring staking to the Olas Ecosystem, as requested by Olas DAO in AIP-1. The program will consist of three focused periods and run throughout at least November, allowing for a safe and progressive rollout of incentivized staking capabilities to the Olas Ecosystem.


1. Everest

Everest is the highest risk-highest reward phase of Staking Expeditions, with participation limited to 10 early adventurers. Agent operators participating in this phase are true pioneers, risking it all! Be prepared to walk where no operator has ventured before!

2. Alpine

Following early pioneers, who tested during the Everest phase, the Alpine phase is scaled up to more pioneers (50) and incentives slightly adjusted. A specific focus is put on fine-tuning staking parameters. Be prepared to spend long stretches without reward.

3. Coastal

By the Coastal phase, the ocean of opportunities is in sight! Previous pioneers have caught the biggest bugs. That said, mind sudden cliffs and changes in weather conditions! The program is scaled up to 100 coastal dwellers, incentives are still juicy and reflect the nearing abundance. Be the last pioneers before mass adoption at sea!

How Service Staking Works (ft. autonomous agent technology)

Staking on Olas requires agent operators, individuals or entities operating autonomous agents in an autonomous service, to put up OLAS as a slashable stake and operate an autonomous software agent. Staker Expeditions will require agent operators to operate a trader agent on Gnosis Chain.

Staking rewards for Staker Expeditions are sponsored by Valory. Once Staker Expeditions has successfully concluded, Olas DAO will have the opportunity to adopt the staking contracts via on-chain governance vote.

Pioneers prepare!

Further details for agent operators participating in Staker Expeditions will be announced shortly. Agent operators can prepare for Staker Expeditions by running a trader agent today, as part of the prediction market hackathon.

Stay tuned for the launch of phase Everest - to be announced on Olas Discord!


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