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Advancing AI Commerce with Mechs Integration

A Strategic Partnership: Production Launch Announcement

Zug/Lisbon, 1.02.2024 - Valory and Nevermined are excited to announce the successful integration of Nevermined's decentralized AI commerce solutions into Mechs, the permissionless marketplace for AI skills. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our shared vision of a future where AI is autonomous and co-owned and ensures Olas autonomous agents are empowered with flexible and dynamic AI commerce capabilities.

Building the Infrastructure for an Autonomous Future

At the forefront of autonomous (AI) agent development, Valory has not only pioneered the development of tools for creating decentralized autonomous agents by co-creating Olas in 2021, they were also the first to build such agents. So far, these autonomous agent services have generated over 300k transactions across 4 major blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, Gnosis and Polygon. The introduction of Mechs was a key milestone, providing agents with efficient access to a wide range of off-the-shelf AI tools. This development eliminated the need for complex dealings with API providers and the creation of custom business logic for AI interactions.

Nevermined has been pioneering in their own right. Their cutting edge work on decentralized AI orchestration, price discovery and marketplaces led to the development of their decentralized AI commerce solutions. With its product offering, Nevermined enables an AI Agent’s ability to manage and control the variable costs incurred from dynamic AI service usage in an accurate and transparent manner, thus ensuring each agent's economic productivity. By adopting Nevermined’s AI payments protocol, networks like Olas can support the rapid growth of AI services and the commercial independence of their agents.

This integration is a testament to our joint commitment to developing infrastructure that fosters autonomy and adaptability in autonomous agents.

Mechs: A Marketplace for AI Skill Enhanced by Flexible Payments

With over 100,000 Mech requests fulfilled, Mechs is fast becoming a cornerstone in the Olas ecosystem, facilitating informed decision-making and addressing the challenges faced by autonomous agents in managing multiple APIs. However, with a one-size-fits-all pricing model, the service failed to account for the varied complexity across its toolset, resulting in either overcharging or undercharging for agent’s requests. Through the integration with Nevermined’s AI payments system, Mechs evolves into a more versatile platform, enabling agents to access AI tools with flexibility in pricing.

"We believe that the variable pricing model we've introduced to Olas is an absolute game changer", says Nevermined CEO, Don Gossen. "Using our Smart Subscriptions tech, Nevermined ensures that Mechs can adapt to the true cost of AI tools and meet both the complexity and specificity of each agent's request. The result is a much more efficient use of resources within the ecosystem, and, ultimately, better Agentic service offerings overall."

Forging the Path for AgentFi

This collaboration between Valory and Nevermined is a strategic enhancement of Mechs, and by extension the Olas ecosystem, helping to pave the way for a future where autonomous agents can use flexible payments to thrive in their environments.

As we look towards this future, both Valory and Nevermined remain committed to adding valuable contributions to the Olas ecosystem, ensuring that autonomous agents become more capable, adaptable, and integral to our digital and economic worlds.

To experience the new integration with running autonomous agents, update your Trader Agent to the latest version, or for first-time users, get started at

Valory, premier creator of open-source frameworks for co-owned AI is headquartered in Zug, CH. For more, visit this site.

Nevermined is creating the decentralized AI payments protocol to meet the dynamic and variable payment needs of AI agents. Headquartered in Zug, CH, you can discover more about Nevermined at


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