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Messari recognizes Olas as core infrastructure for onboarding AI Agents to crypto

In this latest piece, Messari recognizes the role AI Agents will play in crypto's future and highlights Olas as core infrastructure needed to onboard them.

Messari highlights three core pieces required for open marketplaces of AI agents that Olas provides:

1. Agent Development Frameworks,

2. Offchain networks for running agents, and

3. Onchain protocols for anchoring agents.

Read the full article here.

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Olas (formerly Autonolas)

A unified network of off-chain services – like automation, oracles, and co-owned AI. Olas offers a composable stack for composing or developing these services, and a protocol for incentivizing their creation. Olas enables operating these services in a co-owned and decentralized way. Learn more:


Valory is the VC-backed team of engineers, researchers and commercial thinkers that co-founded the Olas DAO, contributes to the Olas stack and is building the first services using it.

Valory is the pioneer of co-owned AI, the expert in autonomous agents in crypto.

Get help building:


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