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Building the Infrastructure for an Autonomous Future: Mechs and Flexible Agent Payments

Valory and Nevermined are collaborating to enhance Mechs with AI commerce solutions. Crypto’s market for AI skills now supports dynamic, agent-friendly payment solutions.


As part of its ongoing commitment to lay the groundwork for a co-owned, autonomous future, Valory is collaborating with Nevermined to integrate its AI commerce solutions into the Mech, particularly focusing on variable payment systems.

This move enhances Olas's robust infrastructure, which has been instrumental in molding a growing world where autonomous agents can flourish. By addressing the need for adaptable pricing models, this collaboration marks a significant stride in the evolution of AI agents, ensuring they can navigate and transact in their environments with unprecedented efficiency and autonomy. This is particularly important, given Valory believes the future of Artificial General Intelligence will likely be agentic.

Building on a Legacy of Innovation

Valory has long been pioneering the landscape of autonomous services, laying down critical building blocks for an agent-enabled world. From developing Open Autonomy, a robust framework for creating agent-powered services, to co-creating the Olas on-chain protocol, that incentivizes and streamlines their development and operation, the Olas ecosystem has the core infrastructure necessary for a future enriched by autonomous agents. This effort is yielding tangible results, with over 77% of Safe transactions on Gnosis Chain this month triggered by Olas-powered autonomous services. However, over the past few months, it has become clear that two new infrastructure components are core to unlocking the potential of agents: easy access to AI tools and solutions for agents to pay for those tools.

The Mech: A Permissionless Marketplace for AI Skills

The AI agent landscape is rapidly transforming with the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs). These models edge AI agents closer to human-like reasoning, expanding their decision-making horizon. However, the current capacity of AI agents remains bottlenecked. For instance, tools like autoGPT reveal that agents still require the management of multiple APIs to function effectively, often depending on human intervention for setup and payment. This limits their true autonomous potential.

To address these limitations, Valory introduced Mechs, a piece of Olas-powered infrastructure designed to empower agents. Mechs serves as an aggregator of AI tools, seamlessly providing agents access to a diverse array of cognitive tasks. Agents no longer need to juggle multiple APIs; instead, they can tap into a unified source of AI tools and models, unlocking their ability to take truly autonomous actions in their environment. What's more, agents can directly pay for these services using cryptocurrency, bypassing the need for human financial management. You can imagine Mechs as a brain for hire. 

With over 81,000 requests fulfilled, Mechs is becoming a cornerstone in facilitating clear and informed decision-making for agents in diverse domains. This innovative tool has been instrumental in guiding trader agents to make meaningful future predictions. Governatooorr, the AI-powered DAO governance delegate, leverages Mechs to review and evaluate proposals, judging and submitting the voting action it deemed to best represent its delegatees' interests. Additionally, Contribute, the AI-ified, co-owned DAO ops tool, harnesses Mechs tools to assess the impact of tweets to decide how to distribute points to community members.

Mechs addresses a critical need in the agent ecosystem: the ability to outsource complex decision-making processes. Whether it's evaluating DAO proposals, analyzing the impact of social media content, or making predictive analyses, the Mech provides agents with the cognitive tools they need to operate autonomously and effectively.

Transitioning to Flexible Payment Solutions

However, Mechs faces a payments challenge. A one-size-fits-all pricing model fails to account for the varied complexity across its toolset, resulting in either overcharging or undercharging for agent requests. Recognizing this issue, Valory is joining forces with Nevermined to implement a flexible pricing model for agent services like Mechs. This innovative approach will enable prices to dynamically adjust to the specific requirements of each agent, promoting more efficient and equitable agent-to-agent interactions. This move is key to fostering an environment where autonomous agents can not only operate but also continuously adapt and thrive, paving the way for agentic Artifical General Intelligence

Conclusion: Forging a Path for AgentFi

Through these innovations, Olas is not simply an ocean of agent services – it provides wave after wave of infrastructure and building blocks to enable a future where autonomous agent-based AI helps humankind prosper. Mechs, as a market for AI skills, and the flexible payment solutions are the latest prime examples of Valory’s commitment to helping Olas grow and scale to realize this vision.

As we look towards this future, Valory intends to continue adding useful code to the Olas ecosystem, making autonomous agents more capable, adaptable, and integral to our digital and economic worlds. As the premier creator of open-source frameworks for co-owned (agentic) AI, Valory is proud to be not only a  participant but a key architect in crafting the very foundations upon which this new world will be built.


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