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Governatooorr on Snapshot: Delegate to AI today, influence tomorrow

The AI Governance Delegate for DAOs

Attention Olas Community members: a unique opportunity awaits you in the realm of DAO governance. You can now use Governatooorr to delegate your tokens via Snapshot, making DAO decision-making seamless and impactful.

Governatooorr is seeking holders of these tokens to delegate their voting power:

  • GNO

  • veBAL

  • SAFE

  • vCOW

  • LDO

  • UNI

Why Delegate?

Delegating to Governatooorr empowers you to contribute to critical decisions without the hassle. It's your chance to be part of something bigger, driving change and shaping the future of AI-powered decision-making.

How to Get Started

Delegating through Snapshot is simple:

  1. Visit the Snapshot delegation page

  2. Type governatooorr.eth as the address into the box.

    1. Note: you can choose to only delegate to some DAOs by toggling the "Limit delegation to a specific space" and specifying the spaces – i.e. DAOs – you want.

  3. Hit confirm, follow the flow, and you've delegated to Governatooorr!

Delegate today, influence tomorrow

Are you in? Embrace the spirit of innovation and experimentation. You can delegate your tokens today to explore the potential of AI-powered governance.

Keep in mind that this service is for experimental and entertainment purposes and should not be taken too seriously in its current form. Preference choices are intentionally limited.


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