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Valory-built ‘Contribute’ enables Co-owned AI-ified Marketing

With the latest update, Valory-built ‘Contribute’ allows DAO members to co-own and AI-ify their marketing on-chain. Thanks to this autonomous agent powered innovation, communities can collectively work, tweet, chat and incentivize community actions all via their wallet. Contribute is a Protocol-owned Service (PoSe) co-owned by the Olas DAO and used to co-own and AI-ify the DAO's marketing.

Now that Centaurs has been merged into Contribute, there are lots of new features and UX improvements. Here’s a rundown:

  • Community-run Twitter Members can propose and vote on tweets to be sent from @autonolas.

  • Olas Chatbot Anybody can chat with an Olas-powered AI chatbot. Members collaboratively manage its memory.

  • Permissionless membership All veOLAS members are now eligible to join Contribute.

  • Member chat veOLAS members have access to an exclusive chat, and can private message each other.

  • New dashboard & updated docs Land and see what’s going on in an instant. Docs updated to cover all these new features 🤭

Head to to learn more.


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