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Centaurs: Blazing New Trails in AI DAOs

Introducing Centaurs, a groundbreaking product within the Autonolas ecosystem that pioneers AI DAOs. Centaurs brings together human members and AI "co-pilots" to enhance decision-making and execution, augmenting decentralized organizations with unparalleled speed and efficacy.

A Leap Forward for Decentralized Organizations

Centaurs has the potential to significantly enhance the speed and efficacy of decisions and actions in decentralized organizations through AI-backed decision-making processes. By bringing AI into the fold, organizations can collaborate more effectively and reduce the time taken to reach consensus on crucial matters.

Empowering Developers with Novel Opportunities

Centaurs offers a unique plugin architecture that enables developers to distribute their code widely while participating in Autonolas tokenomics. This approach provides developers with more opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Built with Autonolas’ composable smart contract-owned compute, Ceramic’s data management, OpenAI models (for now), and Orbis for communication, Centaurs is blazing new trails in AI-powered DAOs.

Join us in exploring the possibilities of AI-powered DAOs!

Learn more about Centaurs here, sign up as an early Innovataur and follow @launchcentaurs on Twitter for updates.


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