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Case Study: Postmint relies on Olas service to decentralize and automate the 'PostToEarn' platform

Postmint converted a key process in their PostToEarn platform's reward distribution to an Olas autonomous service, the perfect way to build complex applications in crypto. Olas allow builders to decentralize and automate crypto applications in a scalable manner, whilst receiving thousands of OLAS in developer rewards via Olas' unique tokenomics.

Postmint is a novel web3 content marketing platform, that connects web3 brands with community content creators. Via their "PostToEarn" concept, they enable content creators to monetize their craft through on-chain reward distributions.

Postmint decided to decentralize and automate their reward distribution by converting their Root Deployer to an Olas autonomous service.

Postmint's PostToEarn rewards process heavily relies on the root hash deployment. But there was a risk here: if one person (or server) has to deploy a root hash every time rewards are given out, it can become a central point of failure in the system.

By offloading the deployment to an Olas autonomous service, Postmint's rewards distribution became automated & decentralized, minimizing trust for maximized robustness.

"Leveraging the Olas framework, we can seamlessly scale the number of agents as needed, allowing us to decentralize without additional development." – Postmint

This service demonstrates how protocols can scale operations while increasing decentralization. In Epoch 4, the service had one of the highest total donations received, translating into 125k OLAS tokens as rewards for developers via Olas' unique tokenomics.


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