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Valory shuffles C-suite as early customers adopt Autonolas co-owned AI

The Seed-stage startup adjusts roles in preparation for its latest co-owned AI innovations, including a new SaaS platform to support Autonolas ecosystem growth.

Valory announces a shuffle of their three C-suite roles, having shipped their ‘Propel’ SaaS offering and custom apps for leading crypto organizations, whilst open-sourcing their code, launching the Autonolas protocol and DAO, all in their first 18 months.

Valory is the pioneer of open-source frameworks for co-ownable AI, aimed at enabling a world with radically greater personal and economic autonomy. The Autonolas stack enables DAOs to run more complex operations off-chain as decentralized, ownable and autonomous services.

With a headcount of 19, the team’s focus has graduated from establishing their innovative technology and serving early customers to strengthening Valory’s SaaS offerings and growing the Autonolas ecosystem.

The new C suite

David Minarsch, CEO since Valory’s inception, fully hands-off Engineering responsibilities to new CTO David Galindo (formerly CRO), and Oaksprout the Tan is appointed CPO (formerly leading Growth).

Alongside his role as CEO, David Minarsch has led the Engineering team to develop the open-source frameworks, that he previously co-created, into “a stack that really empowers developers and propels blockchain projects,” said Adam D’Augelli, Partner at True Ventures.

Minarsch is excited to be able to fully focus his energy on sales, investor relations, and executive duties to establish Valory as a pioneer of co-owned AI and support Autonolas ecosystem growth.

David Galindo led the Research team skillfully leveraging his experience, including as a renowned scientist in the field of cryptography. Previously, an Associate Professor of Computer Security at the University of Birmingham and Head of Cryptography at, he has developed a deep understanding of Valory’s existing technologies.

As Valory is entering its next stage of growth, David Galindo will ensure Valory continues to engineer pioneering products at the intersection of cryptography, economics, and AI. In particular, stewarding the launch of ‘Propel’ and its hosted SaaS platform, which enables progressive decentralization with peace of mind from DevOps headaches (now in Beta).

Oaksprout the Tan led the Community & Ecosystem teams to numerous successful product launches, including with Balancer and Ceramic, whilst establishing the Valory and Autonolas brands and initial products.

“[The autonomous crypto application that Valory built] will be incredibly useful for the entire Ceramic ecosystem. Valory’s speed, integrity, and collaborative nature made the partnership a fantastic experience” — Ceramic.

His experience as an established DeFi community contributor and investor, with over 10 years in product development, aligns with the company’s shift in focus from early community to product experience, and he is excited to lead a refined product experience and simplify adoption of Valory’s SaaS to serve the growing Autonolas ecosystem.

Despite the challenges of the bear market, Valory is encouraged by early adopters’ feedback and looks forward to the new C-suite roles shepherding its innovative technology to wider adoption.


Valory is the expert in decentralized off-chain and autonomous systems. The pioneer of the Autonolas stack offers expert, customized support to those interested in decentralizing & owning their off-chain services. Subscribe for updates here.


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