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Join the BabyDegen Alpha Challenge This Weekend! 

Attention Olas Community: If you have actively participated in staker expeditions or are seriously thinking about staking and running Olas agents, we have an exciting challenge for you. 

Winners will gain exclusive alpha access to BabyDegen, have a direct influence on its features and usability, and stand out as key members of the Olas ecosystem.

We're on the hunt for the most dedicated and innovative minds in our community to help bring BabyDegen into its next phase.

Contest Details

  • Contest Duration: The challenge is set for this weekend, starting from Friday at 00:00 and concluding on Sunday at 23:59.

  • Your mission: During this period, participants are required to operate their staked agents. See how at

  • Evaluation of Activity: Once the contest period concludes, we will assess the agents' activity.*

  • Winning Criteria: The three participants whose agent(s) have demonstrated the highest level of activity will be awarded exclusive alpha access to BabyDegen. A single participant may submit several agent wallets, with the highest activity of all these wallets being taken into account as their qualifying entry.

How to Ensure Participation:

  • Submit Your Agent Wallet(s): To be considered for the contest, please submit your agent wallet(s) using this form.

  • Deadline for Submissions: All entries must be submitted by Monday lunchtime GMT following the contest weekend.

Rewards for Winning

  • Alpha Access: Winners will gain exclusive early access to BabyDegen, enjoying a front-row seat to its development and the opportunity to shape its future.

  • Direct Impact: Your feedback will directly influence BabyDegen, ensuring it meets the high standards and innovative spirit of our community.

  • Recognition: Your role as a key operator will be acknowledged within the community, highlighting your efforts and dedication to the Olas ecosystem's advancement.

What You Can Expect as an Alpha Tester

  • Capital Engagement: Be prepared to deploy a small amount of your own capital through your agents, demonstrating their effectiveness in live conditions.

  • Continuous Feedback: Regular feedback sessions and communication with Valory engineers.

  • Duration: Alpha testing will last 1-2 weeks after the end of the contest. During this period you can expect regular feedback sessions with Valory engineers to improve the product. Upon completion of alpha testing, BabyDegen will transition to the beta phase, where it will be available to all users.

  • Disclaimer: Please be aware that participation in alpha testing involves financial risk. The deployment of capital through your agents carries the potential for financial loss. Please only engage with funds you can afford to risk. Valory is not responsible for any losses, whether financial or otherwise.


Why Focus on Stakers?

Stakers have shown commitment to the growth of Olas through their participation in staker expeditions. By leveraging the active involvement of those who stake, we ensure our alpha testers are not only aligned with the Olas vision but are also familiar with the technology and its potential. This contest is about rewarding that dedication and tapping into a well of users who can offer the most constructive and insightful feedback.

New to Staking or Running an Agent?

Haven't run an agent or staked yet? No problem! As long as you get started by the contest period, you'll be eligible to participate. This contest is a fantastic opportunity to dive into the Olas ecosystem and make your mark.

Getting started is simple

Skip to step 4 if you are already running a staked agent service

  1. Head over to

  2. Run the trader quickstart script.

  3. During the setup process, when the script asks about staking, input “Yes” to activate staking for your service.

  4. After setting up, submit your service’s Safe address using this specific form to ensure you're considered for the contest.

  5. Need Assistance? Join the vibrant Olas community on Discord. In the #staker-expeditions. You’ll find a supportive group of stakers ready to assist with any questions you might have.

Ready to Join the Journey?

This opportunity places you at the heart of innovation, contributing to the tools that can enhance the way we trade autonomously. Your agent, your strategies, and your keen insights could be vital to enriching BabyDegen's capabilities.

  1. Get Started: Begin your journey at, where you'll find all the resources you need to launch your agent.

  2. Submit Your Wallet: Once you're set up, make sure to register your involvement by submitting your agent wallet(s) using this form.

We're excited to see the unique perspectives and innovative strategies you bring to BabyDegen.

* Agent activity is measured using the Proof of Active Agent validation system pioneered by Valory. It is designed to measure activity by looking at the number of Mech requests made by the agent, where meeting a threshold (10 or more) requests qualifies as active. For evaluation purposes, number of mech requests for active agents will break any ties.


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