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Announcing the release of the Autonolas whitepaper.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Autonolas whitepaper. After nearly 18 months of hard work and research, this comprehensive document showcases the Autonolas technology, tokenomics, use cases, and governance for the first time.

Valory is the pioneer of open-source frameworks for co-ownable AI, aimed at enabling a world with radically greater personal and economic autonomy. To this end, Valory created and contributed to the Autonolas DAO. As outlined in the whitepaper, the Autonolas technology combines the best of Web2 and Web3, enabling uniquely powerful apps, that can replace humans and bots and potentially reduce liability risks. DAOs use Autonolas’ open-source stack to run complex operations (including harnessing AI and machine-learning), off-chain as decentralized, ownable and autonomous services. These services are secured and incentivized by tokenomics on-chain via the Autonolas Protocol, which is governed by the Autonolas DAO.

Leading crypto organizations are already using the technology, including Balancer, who funded an autonomous asset management product, and Ceramic, who funded autonomous “Impact Evaluators” as an open, modular and self-improving framework for improved DAO coordination.

Now that both the open-source code and whitepaper is public, we can’t wait to see what the growing ecosystem will build with this technology.

For the most seamless journey to getting an Autonolas-powered service to market, and in response to early community members’ demand, Valory has recently launched our ‘Propel’ SaaS offering (including its hosted platform). Propel provides peace of mind from DevOps headaches, plus customized support from the technology, including engineers, researchers and commercial thinkers.

We invite you to take a look at the full Autonolas whitepaper here and join us in celebrating by sharing your ideas for building an autonomous future on Autonolas.


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