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Announcing a successful Ceramic Network grant proposal

A new DAO coordination primitive

We are excited to share our successful grant application through the Ceramic Network Grants Program to build a DAO coordination primitive that makes use of Autonolas-based agent services and dynamic data streams on Ceramic.

The MVP will provide and demonstrate a way to track community contributions in a DAO using data streams. This project will highlight both Autonolas’ open, modular structure and Ceramic’s potential as a central player in the promising area of Impact Evaluators.

The grant will be used to deliver a toolkit for building simple IEs and a live implementation of the toolkit as a decentralized off-chain service powered by Autonolas.

To learn more about the grant proposal, please visit the grant proposal.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the Grants Team at Ceramic and look forward to exploring this exciting new use case for our respective technologies together.


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