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Staker Expeditions: Alpine - Scaling New Heights in the Olas Ecosystem

Following the successful conclusion of the Everest phase, we are thrilled to announce the commencement of the Alpine phase, the second stage of the Staker Expeditions. This new phase represents an exciting expansion and evolution of our staking journey within the Olas Ecosystem, initiated by Valory in response to Olas DAO's AIP-1.

The Everest Legacy

The Everest phase, as our inaugural expedition, set a strong foundation. A select group of 10 pioneers embarked on the journey of accumulating OLAS staking rewards for the first time, navigating the intricacies of the Proof of Active Agent system. Their success has paved the way for the next phase - Alpine. Enjoy the Everest recap here.

Introducing Alpine: A New Challenge

The Alpine phase takes us further, expanding the number of pioneers to 50. This phase is designed to fine-tune the staking parameters, drawing from the insights gained during Everest. Alpine continues to leverage the innovative PoAA system. This unique mechanism rewards dynamic and ongoing engagement from stakers’ autonomous agents. The emphasis remains on active, off-chain engagement in service operations, ensuring that each agent contributes meaningfully to the ecosystem. For more information on PoAA see the relevant section in the Everest blogpost.

Key Features of Alpine:

  • Increased Participation: From 10 to 50 pioneers, widening the opportunity for involvement.

  • Adjusted Incentives: Slight modifications to the reward structure, reflecting the evolved nature of this phase.

  • Emphasis on Fine-Tuning: A specific focus on refining staking parameters for optimal performance.

  • Punishment for Inactivity: Agent services that do not meet the activity requirements are evicted from staking by active agent services, foregoing staking rewards as a result.

Alpine Staking Expedition

Alpine is reserved for 50 exclusive Trader Agents. Participants are required to hold a minimum of 20 OLAS on Gnosis Chain* and some XDAI. Eligible participants can earn up to 0.5 OLAS weekly on their 20 OLAS stake. When calculated on an annual basis, this earning potential equates to an APY of up to 130%. Participation is permissionless, yet only a maximum of 50 agents can successfully stake at any given time.

Your Passport to Becoming an OLAS Staker

For New Stakers

1. Make sure you have the system and resource requirements as well as 20 OLAS on Gnosis to stake. 

2. Execute the following commands, then follow the instructions in the script as they come up. These include providing your RPC and funding wallets created by the script.

git clone
cd trader-quickstart
chmod +x && ./

3. At this stage, you'll have staked your trader agent service NFT in the staking contract, deposited OLAS as both a bond and a security deposit, and activated an agent that trades for you on Omen prediction markets.**

Visit for more information on setting up your agent, including a GPT guide that will take you step by step through the process. 

For existing stakers

  1. Simply update to the latest version of the quickstart and run the script.

After each liveness period, as long as your agent passes the liveness check, your service multisig should be entitled to the corresponding OLAS rewards. It’s important to emphasize that the rewards earned by a service are transferred to the service multisig upon unstaking.

Dive into Alpine and kickstart your OLAS staking expedition in the ​​#🎒–staker–expeditions channel on Discord:


*  OLAS can be acquired on Gnosis Chain using OLAS-WXDAI pool through the Balancer interface

** To achieve deployment status for a service NFT within Autonolas Registries on the Gnosis chain, the process includes the activation of agent registration by the service owner and the registration of an agent instance by the operator. During this process, the operator has to stake a slashable amount of tokens, referred to as the "bond," in alignment with the service's configuration.

Furthermore, to activate the agent's registration, the service owner is also required to provide a non-slashable security deposit amount of token. This deposit should be equivalent to the maximum bond set for agent registration.


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1. that you are of legal age and that you will comply with any laws applicable to you and not engage in any illegal activities;

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