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Valory & Gnosis announce Crypto x AI Agent Hackathon

Valory and Gnosis launched the Agent Predictions Hackathon, using Olas Network on Gnosis Chain, enabling developers to learn and win prizes at the cutting edge of crypto and AI.

Why create Crypto x AI Agents?

  • "AIs won’t have a bank account, so they’ll need to use crypto to transact with the rest of the internet" - Crypto proverb

  • “AI agents and humans, coordinated by crypto tech, will solve the big challenges of our time” - co-founder of Gnosis

  • Crypto is waking up to AI agents, but you can still be among the first to try this cutting-edge tech and win prizes! Valory has been working on this for years & are making it more accessible every day.

How Crypto x AI Agents work

Developers are tasked with having their agents participate in real long-tail prediction markets. To get started, run the template agent and refine its strategy to make good predictions and win.

  • Gnosis Chain is perfectly suited to hosting decentralized autonomous agents, due to its fast and cheap transactions and presence of an established prediction market: Omen.

  • The Autonolas stack allows developers to quickly iterate on existing agent templates, pushing the boundary of the possible.

How to get started


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